A true sense of community is hard to come by in an apartment complex. Heyday builds more intimate neighborhoods for renters tired of noisy neighbors and no extra room – and for ex-homeowners more than happy to trade upkeep for downtime. Highlighted by designer finishes, private garages, open space, and essential conveniences, Heyday just feels like home. Make your neighbors your friends. Live like you own the place. Plan to stay awhile. Every day is your Heyday.

Universally designed single-story apartment homes

Our single-story homes embrace universal design, also called barrier-free design, which focuses on making a house safe and accessible for everyone, regardless of age or physical ability. At Heyday, this means no stairs, open plan living, and 32-inch or wider doorways. Single-story living also means private front doors, no stuffy dark hallways, and no noisy neighbors living above or below you.

Rendering of two single-family connected homes

Private and public outdoor space that isn’t an afterthought

Apartment complexes don’t always prioritize outdoor spaces or the views that residents see from their homes. At Heyday, we value the importance of living in a beautiful environment. Every single home includes a private covered porch and a private patio, designed to look out onto common area green spaces and garden courtyards. Bring nature in, embrace the outdoors!

Pet-friendly homes

At Heyday, we’re passionate about our pets. They provide companionship, love, and a sense of purpose while improving both physical and mental well-being. Heyday is home for your extended family, especially those that walk on all fours.*
*Breed restrictions apply

Attached direct-access garages and driveway parking with every home

Coming home to Heyday means coming directly home. Gone are the days looking for parking and walking in the cold or snow to your apartment. Gone are the days of digging out your car or waiting for it to warm up. Have friends or family coming over for dinner? They can park on your driveway and walk directly into your home. And with an eye toward sustainability, every garage at Heyday comes with high-speed electric vehicle charging capability!

The ‘Heyday Hub’

Heyday strives to create a home that simplifies your life through efficient design. With that in mind, we created the ‘Heyday Hub’- a multipurpose room directly off the garage. Need a place to put your coats and shoes? Check! A place to store things after a Costco run? Check! Side-by-side laundry with an area to fold? Check! A private area with a built-in desk to get some work done? Check! It’s all in the Heyday Hub!

Homes deserve an address-and delivery to your door

When you live at Heyday, you can say goodbye to unit numbers and package rooms. With a home address as unique as you, deliveries will come directly to your door.